Cellmic Previews New Reader Docking Station (DxALL) for Use with Any Android Phone at AACC 2016

PHILADELPHIA, Penn., August 4, 2016 – Cellmic proudly revealed its newest product line this week at the annual American Association of Clinical Chemistry meeting, the largest of its kind in North America.  The exposition hall was buzzing with excitement this week as Cellmic showcased DxALL, a new cube-shaped counter-top docking station that can be used with any Android phone for reading rapid immunoassays.  With this new technology, Cellmic will continue to service the traditional diagnostic markets (i.e. POC testing, food safety, veterinary, etc.); however, with this new device they intend to also focus on the at-home consumer market.  By creating a device that can be used universally with any Android smartphone, Cellmic is bringing the same industry-leading quality of their traditional readers (now branded as DxCELL) to markets that demand versatility in the smartphone component of the system.



“We are very enthusiastic about the DxALL product line as it is our flagship product in our efforts to enter the consumer market,” stated Neven Karlovac, CEO.  “Furthermore, we are working with a number of partners to adapt this new system to a variety of diagnostic health and wellness assays, thereby offering a complete testing solution.”  In addition to the universal nature of DxALL, decoupling the phone from the device also enables Cellmic to offer their technology at a more attractive price point for the direct-to-consumer market.  All that is needed to operate the device is an application available for download onto any Android platform.  Cellmic is currently planning the official launch of DxALL to the overall market in Q4 of this year.

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About CellMic / Holomic

CellMic was spun-out of the lab of Dr. Aydogan Ozcan as Holomic, UCLA Chancellor’s Professor in the electrical engineering department, in 2011 for the purposes of commercializing the technologies developed therein.  Since then, Holomic has been most notably successful at commercializing their DxCELL (formerly HRDR) rapid test readers which improves the sensitivity and accuracy of analyzing rapid diagnostic tests in the field.  Currently, these readers are used in many countries across the globe, and the company continues to partner with organizations to expand this reach.  In addition to their test readers, they also retain many other patent licenses for additional cellular-based technologies developed in Dr. Ozcan’s lab.



David Winternheimer

Business Development Director, CellMic, LLC


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